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s2o# Navigate the dApp

To get familiarized with the dApp, a brief introduction to some of the screens are given in the following sections to describe common interactions with the dApp.

There are three ways to connect to the dApp:

  • Using a browser extension
  • Using WalletConnect
  • Using a private key

Connect using a browser extension

  1. Make sure a Web3 provider is available in the browser, e.g. MetaMask.
  2. Click on Browser Extension.
  3. Click on Connect and sign the messages necessary for establishing a connection.

Connect using WalletConnect

WalletConnect can be used for connecting with supported wallets, note that this is an experimental feature which is limited to how well any of the external wallets integrate with WalletConnect.

  1. Click on WalletConnect.
  2. By default a bridge server provided by WalletConnect is used. It is however possible to use an alternative bridge server.
  3. Choose to provide either a Infura ID or an RPC endpoint.
  4. Click on Connect.
  5. Scan the QR code using a wallet of your choice and make sure to sign the messages necessary for establishing a connection.

Connect using a private key

Connect directly to an Ethereum node and use your accounts private key. This approach is NOT RECOMMENDED for security reasons since the private key gets stored as plain text in the browsers storage and in memory.

  1. Click on Private Key.
  2. Provide an RPC endpoint.
  3. Provide the private key of an Ethereum account.
  4. Click on Connect.

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