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Install and Import the SDK

You can install the Raiden SDK as a node module by running:

npm install raiden-ts

After installing the SDK you can simply import Raiden to your JavaScript or TypeScript project.

import { Raiden } from 'raiden-ts';

// async factory
const raiden = await Raiden.create(window.ethereum, 0);

The async factory is required since a lot of the initialization code is asynchronous. You can always create the instances and fill the constructor parameters yourself, just be aware to persist and rehydrate the state and constants correctly. You should also call raiden.start() after creation in order to effectively start the instance.

When done you can call raiden.stop() to trigger for all observables to complete and for the streams to be unsubscribed. This is not required however since state changes are atomic (non-async) and Raiden can be rehydrated from any intermediary state.

If you happen to finish before an asynchronous operation was completed you might need to re-send it. For example if you call raiden.closeChannel and your app exits before the transaction was sent and the promise resolved. In such case your channel will be left in the closing state and you might need to call closeChannel again to actually send the transaction and wait until it is mined and your channel actually gets closed.

Most of the methods in the public API for your raiden instance return Promises and allow you to async/await on them. The output comes either from the resolved value or public Observables.

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