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Install and Run the dApp

Clone the Raiden Light Client repository.

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/raiden-network/light-client.git

Build the SDK

cd light-client
yarn workspace raiden-ts build

Run the dApp locally

Start the development server by running the following command:

yarn workspace raiden-dapp run serve

Once the development server has been started, navigate to http://localhost:8080 to start using the Raiden dApp.

Note that the Raiden dApp requires MetaMask or another Web3 provider (wallet apps with dApp support) to be installed on your browser.

Recover Backup locally

You might have a backup by a dApp instance that was provided by a service that is not available anymore. You can not import this backup to another dApp provider if you were using a Raiden subkey (configuration option). The subkey generation is dependent on the origin URL which is serving the dApp and the Ethereum chain it is connected to. Therefore this will result into a different key for each dApp provider and chain.

To still being able to recover your backup you can run the dApp locally and tell it to act like it would be served by a specific origin. Therefore you need to edit the raiden-dapp/.env.development file and add the following line:


Afterwards continue to run the dApp locally as describe earlier. Remember that you need to restart the dApp if you have it already running to reload the environment variables.

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